Casey Wojtalewicz: Q&A

Casey Wojtalewicz: Q&A

Posted: April 27, 2017 by: Amber Hourigan Williams

Musician Casey Wojtalewicz is the other half of the duo behind the artisanal coffee brand Canyon Coffee. Casey launched the inspired Canyon Coffee late last year with his girlfriend Ally Walsh and it has fast become the go-to brew for L.A's most discerning coffee drinkers. Using only organic coffee beans and always paying fair trade prices, this is one cup of joe that you can feel good about!

Lets get to know Casey with a quick Q&A.

I usually wake up at: 7:30, or when Ally makes coffee…whichever’s first :)

I always start my morning with: Some reflective or down-time to ease my mind into the day—usually reading, writing, or meditating.

My go-to breakfast is: Avocado toast on sourdough with scrambled eggs.

My morning beverage: Black cup of coffee.

I take these supplements: Chaga, foraged by my friend in Northern Minnesota, Immunity Defense by Anima Mundi, Reishi in the afternoon, Ashwaganda before I go to sleep. Oh, and coffee of course. (yes, it’s actually really good for you, read about it here)

I love a bath or shower: Like showers, love a good bath.

My favorite form of exercise: Surfing, hiking, playing drums… basically exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.

My favorite daily ritual: Making coffee (usually a pour-over) for Ally and me.

The beauty product I couldn’t live without: I use very little—I stopped using shampoo, conditioner and face/skin products six years ago. Lately, I’ve been loving Fat and the Moon’s deodorant and Noto Botanics’ Palo Santo oil for scent and hair.

My most recent health/wellness find: Acupuncture. I go to Elysia Life Care a couple times every month and it’s amazing how effective it is at helping maintain balance and good health. I also recently I discovered postural therapy. I somewhat randomly encountered Kim Taylor, a yoga / posture therapy healer based in Oakland. She creates simple exercise regimens to heal pain and correct postural imbalances. I’ve been working with her to abate my scoliosis, which I’ve had since a teenager. While it doesn’t bother me at my age, it’s a condition that will continue to deteriorate unless I’m proactive about it.

For dinner I usually eat: Red lentil soup over black rice, or salmon with roasted veggies and salad.

My guilty pleasure: Popcorn! Gotta have it at the movies, no matter how much I ate before.

My playlist includes: My band Wildling finished recording its debut album with Warner Bros. in January, so in the car I've just been listening to different mixes as we make the final adjustments! Music will start coming out this spring.

I’ve also been on a bossa nova kick at home, lately—especially when I’m cooking or friends are over. Stan Getz, Caetono Veloso, Milton Nascimiento, Joao Gilberto, Astrud Gilberto… it’s amazing to hear the artistry in a form that’s so relaxing.

When I’m working, I like instrumental music—usually some jazzy piano with a nice beat. Nujabes, the late Japanese pioneer of the trip-hop genre(s), Emapea is a newer artist I’ve been enjoying, and my friend Nick Leng.

My favorite way to relax: Glass of red wine (been loving Côtes du Rhône’s lately) and a book.

My perfect day I would: Wake up early and get out in the ocean for a paddle. Come back in to make some coffee and breakfast, and eat it on the porch. Read my book. Go on a hike or to the beach with Ally. Head to Gjusta for lunch after. Some alone time to write a song in the afternoon, maybe with a little fika break. Happy hour on the front porch with Ally and our neighbors. A big dinner with grilled salmon and roasted veggies. Some animated discussion and more wine until we all start falling asleep and head to bed.

I am inspired by: The stars, for helping me remember how small I am. Redwood forests. Artists—the kind who selflessly dedicate their lives to creating. Activists—the kind who selflessly dedicate their lives to the justice and well-being of their community or cause.

I recently discovered: A turtle conservatory in Ojai!

The best advice I have received: Let go of your “perfect” plan and focus on enjoying every day.

I go to bed at: 10:00ish, normally. Much later when I’m on tour.

My mantra is: Assume nothing, expect anything.

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