Wendy Polish: Q&A

Wendy Polish: Q&A

Posted: May 26, 2017 by: Amber Hourigan Williams

Los Angeles based artist Wendy Polish is one talented lady. Co-creator of artisanal candle company Le Feu De L’Eau with long time friend, Make-Up artist Jo Strettell and founder of multi-dimensional design studio O.T.Y.P. we are always excited to see what this L.A lady is working on. Wendy's talent for interpreting ideas into something beautiful with purpose is evident through her collaborations with Edible Gardens on their Good Human T-Shirt and special edition candle supporting the work of Every Mother Counts. Slated to launch this Fall, Wendy's design studio, O.T.Y.P aims to "promote human values through conscious creation of inspirational images and intentional goods", a beautiful sentiment for what we are sure is going to be worth the wait.

Lets get to know Wendy with a little Q&A.

I usually wake up at: 8:00 am

I always start my morning with: I clean my face with warm water and put on moisturizer, light some incense and make tea.

My go-to breakfast is: Steal cut oats or avocado toast.

My morning beverage: “Monks Blend” organic black tea

I take these supplements: I take a lot of supplements that my nutritionist makes himself. They are all food and glandular based so I am dependent on them to keep my energy up and all the organs in my body balanced. The ones I cannot live without is Calcium Magnesium, Herbal antioxidant, Vitamin C, Eye Health, Thyroid formula, Caprylic Acid, Minerals, Adrenal formula and Pro-biotics.

I love a bath or shower: Bath with a 1/2 cup of Real Salt.

My favorite form of exercise: Walking and Yoga.

My favorite daily ritual: Walking my dog and drinking tea throughout the day.

The beauty product I couldn’t live without: Repairing Serum with Sea Buckthorn + Geranium By Earth Tu Face and Glow Face Balm By Shiva Rose.

My most recent health/wellness find: “Medical Medium” A book by Anthony William.

For dinner I usually eat: I enjoy soups, salads and fermented veggies. Simple and clean food.

My guilty pleasure: Prosecco or Nigori unfiltered sake.

My playlist includes: Beach House - Myth, Poolside - Harvest Moon, Chad Valley - Shell Suite

My favorite way to relax: Take a bath with essential oils and watch Netflix.

My perfect day I would: Spend all day at the korean spa with friends, get a full body scrub + massage followed by dinner.

I am inspired by: Brancusi, Noguchi, Albers, Ellsworth Kelly, Calder, Motherwell, Lily Stockman, Vanessa Prager, Bari Ziperstein and Ruth Van Beek. I am Also very inspired by 1960’s Italian design, Finnish textiles and Mexican folk art.

I recently discovered: That 99% of the incense in the stores is not natural. I love incense and burn it daily. So I just learned how to make my own incense from scratch…and surprised how easy it is.

The best advice I have received: "Anything that you resent and strongly react to in another is also in you”

I go to bed at: Midnight…sometimes later. I am a night owl and that is when I am the most creative.

My mantra is: Everything is going to be ok

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