Jo Lu: Q&A

Jo Lu: Q&A

Posted: March 24, 2017 by: Amber Hourigan Williams

ESYM founder, Jo Lu, has an interesting background and story. A fragrance innovator with an education in biology, her love and understanding of scent based products stems from her rich Chinese heritage where her Grandmother taught her how to use natural products to achieve heightened wellbeing. The vision for creating ESYM was to develop a product that allowed people to integrate aromatherapy, and in turn wellness, into their daily lives with ease.

ESYM is a portable, BPA-free ​aromatherapy pod created from 100% natural essential oils that calm the mind, invigorate the soul and reshape the daily experience by using our most powerful sense - smell.

Lets get to know Jo with a quick Q&A!

I usually wake up at: 7:15am on weekdays and 8:00am on weekends.

I always start my morning with: 5 minutes of stretching - it helps with my posture from long period in front of the computer and makes me feel energetic throughout the day

My go-to breakfast is: Avocado toast - with a little bit of Himalayan pink salt and pepper. When I’m not in a rush, I will add a sunny side up egg and berries.

My morning beverage: A bowl of matcha - Kenko Tea carries a ceremonial grade organic matcha powder which I love.

I take these supplements: I believe in getting nutrients from natural food sources, so I try to include a variety of nuts, dairy products, grains, vegetables, and fruits in my diet. But this can be difficult when I travel, so I sometimes take different supplements based on the gaps in my diet.

I love a bath or shower: Hands down shower It saves time and water, plus the hot water pressure is great for sore back muscles.

My favorite form of exercise: Swimming

My favorite daily ritual: 15 minutes of quiet meditation time before bed. It helps to calm the mind and prepare the body for a good deep sleep.

The beauty product I couldn’t live without: I’m biased here, but definitely our Tenkawa Passage Scent Pod. It keeps me refreshed and focused throughout the day and is a great travel companion for long flights and surviving crowded train cars.

My most recent health/wellness find: Tamaki Haiga Rice, a carefully milled Koshihikari rice kernel that retains rice germ. The best part is that the texture and taste are similar to white rice but has the nutritional benefits similar to brown rice.

For dinner I usually eat: Lots of vegetables, seafood and Tamaki Haiga Rice.

My guilty pleasure: Ice cream. The guilt is very fleeting since it tastes so good!

My playlist includes: I love the aimlessness of 80s music. Music where I can’t quite make out what they are saying but the beat says dance dance dance. “Take on me… take me on (falsetto!)”

My favorite way to relax: Sandalwood aromatherapy with meditation.

My perfect day I would: Cozy up on the couch with a good book, take a long walk, cook with my family, and relax the day away

I am inspired by: Quiet moments when I pause to take in the environment and notice there’s so much beautiful complexity housed in simplicity all around me.

I recently discovered: Saying no is A OK.

The best advice I have received: This too shall pass. When things don’t go your way it may feel monumental but later you’ll reflect that you may have learned something from it, grew personally, and it might not have been as big a deal as it seemed at the time.

I go to bed at: 11pm whenever I can, never past midnight

My mantra is: Just keep swimming.

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